Winder machines

  1. Modification and programming of PLC and implementation of Profinet communication network between Winder ‘s equipment in the melt spinning line.

  2. Design of PI, PD and PID closed loop controllers to control the speed of Siemens drives and operation of winder machines of melt spinning line.


Winder machine


The winder is a machine that wraps the yarn produced in the spinning process on the spindles (coils). In fact, the main task of the winder is to put the produced yarn together in a completely regular and uniform way.


Other important tasks of Winder include Multiply (spinning several strands of yarn to produce yarn with a higher score), loose or tightening spinning, non-uniformity control, yarn tension control, and so on. Finally, by calculating and proportioning the desired yarn and wrapped on the spindle, the operation of removing the cardboard spindles from the coils of the machine, which is called the “duffing” operation, is done and the work is completed.


It should be noted that the “duffing” operation is performed in two ways, “automatic” and “manual”, which in the manual method, the steps must be done with complete accuracy and skill.



In the new generation of winders, in order to increase production efficiency, high speed motors are used, which increase the efficiency up to about 2 times.

Using more advanced drives, you can have more control over each of the motor spindles, and as a result, the quality of the yarn produced will be higher. So that by placing the drives in Tension Control and PID mode, you can have precise control and monitoring of the amount of tension and thickness of the threads.


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