Multi Drill Machines

  1- Design of closed loop controller for speed and position of servo drive and PLC and HMI programming of multi-drill machine.

  2- Installation, commissioning and adjustment of Panasonic servo drive to control the speed and position of the multi-drill machine.


Multi-drill machine


Multi-drill machine is one of the most important machines in the production process of brake pads and one of the complementary parts of the production line of brake pads for heavy vehicles. As the name implies, this machine, with motors with certain distances and specific angles, is responsible for drilling parts at high speed, accuracy and efficiency.


Multi-drill machines are used when we want to make a large number of holes on a single part or holes on several separate parts at the same time.


Automatic multi-drill machines are one of the developed machines in the brake pad industry. Because before the advent of these machines, drilling operations on parts were done in more basic ways, such as using conventional drills or simpler machines, which naturally had less accuracy than automatic multi-drilling machines. And at the same time it took a lot of time from the operators.



In automatic multi-drill machines, due to the design of the multi-motor structure and the programming of the machine controller, flexibility, increase of production efficiency, increase of production speed and variety of machine work are quite evident. One example of the flexibility of an automatic multi-drill machine that can be created for the machine with the help of programming and actuators is the ability to work with several different pad molds with different sizes and diameters and various drilling patterns at any time and to suit Production conditions. In the PLC program of these machines, the library capability of different models of pads is considered and the operator determines through HMI which mold or drilling pattern to be used at any time with the required number of holes for the part.


The motors of the machine are of hydraulic type and the power, speed and depth of drilling can be adjusted by drills. Also, depending on the type of pad, it is possible to determine the number of holes in each row of drilling for each part. Loading and unloading operations in these machines can be adjusted automatically as well as manually. Also in this project, moving the worktop and controlling the position of the machine fixture or in other words the place of fixing the part (brake pad), which leads to the implementation of different patterns of drilling holes across the part, implemented by using the speed and position control feature in Panasonic servo motor.



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