Hydraulic Press Machines

  1. Design of closed loop temperature and pressure controllers, PLC and HMI programming and design and parameterization of temperature controllers in brake pad making machine.
  2. Consulting, designing and preparing technical and electrical documents for brake pad making machine.


Hydraulic Press Machine

Brake pads are one of the most widely used parts in cars with Grade A or super safety. This degree of safety indicates the extraordinary importance of this seemingly simple piece. In cases of severe and sensitive braking, which is a matter of safety of the occupants of the car and heavy financial losses, the importance of brake pads becomes more apparent. Brake pad making machines are one of the most important machine in the production process of brake pads which has the task of connecting the two parts of the brake shoe and the abrasive material by applying a certain pressure and heat.In these machines, a fluid (oil) is used as a working environment for energy transfer based on the Pascal principle.Fluid condition to increase, decrease or maintain pressure in the desired value is done with pressure sensor feedback and control of actuators such as pumps and valves.In the brake pad making machines in addition to the pressure factor, the heat factor, which is produced by separate elements in the floors of the machine, is used to connect the two parts of the brake shoe and the abrasive material.The quality of the final brake pads is strongly influenced by the temperature and pressure of the hydraulic pressing machines. Therefore, by applying changes in the hydraulic control circuits of the machine and also designing and programming the PI and PID controllers of temperature and pressure in the central controller (PLC) as well as other separate temperature controllers related to the floors, in addition to achieving higher quality brake pads, damage to other equipment of the device has been prevented due to sharp increases in temperature and pressure, and as a result, production efficiency and Lifespan of the machine have increased. 




Brake pads are one of the most important and sensitive parts in cars. This piece consists of two parts: brake shoe and abrasive material. the abrasive material or the so-called brake band from a combination of 10 to 15 types of material with different percentages are formed depending on the type and application of brake pads and special formulations.

These materials include calcium barite carbonate, iron oxide powder, metal oxides, etc.

The components of the abrasive part of the brake pad are obtained after combination and mixing in powder form. then the powder is poured into the molds of the brake pad making machine and on the other hand, the cut shoes that have washing, sandblast and special glue are placed.

Then, brake pad making machine, by applying hydraulic pressure on the one hand and also heating the elements in different floors on the other hand, cause the two parts of the brake shoe and the abrasive material to be connected to each other.


Brake pad making machine can be considered as one of the most powerful press machine that operate on the basis of Pascal principle and transmission of force by hydraulic fluid (oil). These machines are capable of importing 75,000 tons of force on a large scale.

After connecting the shoe and the abrasive material in the brake pad making machine, the produced pads are removed from the molds of the machine and transferred to the sub machines to reach the standard thickness and dimensions.


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