Expanded metal production lines

 1. Designing of plans and preparing technical and electrical engineering documents and constructing electrical control panel and automation of Expanded metal production line.

 2. Controller designing and programming PLC and designing of HMI screens and implementation of Ethernet and Profibus communication network between equipments and automatic calculation of traction coefficient and automatic cutting in the Expanded metal production line.

 3. Installation, commissioning and configuration of servo drive system, closed loop control of speed and position of roll opener of feed plate in Expanded metal production line.


Expanded metal production line


Expanded metals are metal plates on which three-dimensional holes are formed by being placed in the stretching process on their surface. In fact, in the Expanded metal production line, by applying tension to the surface of the sheet metal, wide metal nets with three-dimensional holes are created. In these machines, continuous grids are created without causing losses and only by stretching and deforming the surface of the sheets and without weaving or using the welding process. Therefore, the wide metal nets produced in this method or the same as Expanded metals have a much higher strength than other nets.


The thickness and dimensions of the holes in the Expanded metal production machines are various and it is possible to produce mesh plates from 0.2 to 6 mm thick and widths of 500, 1000, 2000 and 2500 mm and length in the form of sheets or coils and also the hole size from 6 * 4 mm to 200 x 75 mm is provided. It is also possible to feed a variety of sheets metal such as iron, aluminum, brass, copper and steel to the device.



In Expanded metal production machines, different types of weights or so-called bits in different dimensions are used to create holes with different lengths and widths. The choice of bits is proportional to the Traction coefficient as well as the length and width of the holes. In fact, the Traction coefficient is equal to dividing the width of the hole by the size of the base of the sheet and the length of the production mesh is equal to the product of the Traction coefficient multiplied by the area of ​​the input feed sheet. (Base size is determined by the thickness of the input feed sheet).


In Expanded metal production machines, the sheet is fed to the machine from the coil opener system and according to the Traction coefficient and the dimensions of the desired length and width of the hole as well as the thickness of the input sheet, the rotation of the servo motor is determined by the control system and at each stage of creating holes, a certain amount of sheet is injected into the end of the machine and during two stages of feeding the sheet and simultaneously performing two reciprocating movements of the weights and finally by applying pressure on the surface of the sheet, Three-dimensional holes are created.



In the previous control system of the machine, using a combination of timers and counters, the amount of sheet feed in each step to create holes was determined and using grippers that are fed from the hydraulic system of the machine at each stage, a certain amount of sheet with a relatively high error was fed to the outlet of the machine. and the final product was produced by applying control commands by the operators. As a result, on the one hand, human error in this case causes errors in the length and width of the holes of the final product and on the other hand, numerous problems in hydraulic, pneumatic, control and other systems reduce the quality of the final product, increase repair costs and Maintenance, reduced production efficiency and etc.


 In the new and updated automation and control system with PLC, HMI programming and the use of servo drives for feeding the sheets, the above defects were eliminated and as a result, the quality and efficiency of the final product were provided.



For the control and automation system of the Expanded Metal production line, technical engineering documents and plans such as: Electrical Equipment Layout, Electrical Terminal Connection Diagram, Electrical I / O List, Control Philosophy and other electrical documents in accordance with IEC standard are designed. and designed and constructed The electrical panel of the control and automation system has been done in accordance with them.


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