carding machine(the heart of the spinning industry)

  1. Update, controller designing and programming PLC & HMI of carding machines.
  2. Installation, commissioning and adjustment of machine inverters to improve the quality of the output roving.
  3. Design, programming, parameterization and networking between machine drives to synchronize motors and improve the performance of carding machines.

. In general, carding is responsible for opening, parallelizing and mixing the fibers, separating the impurities with the fibers, and finally producing a continuous strand of fibers called a “roving”. Carding machine have Large cylinder and number The fibers are fed to the carding machine after the batting stage through the shot feed of coated rollers called “worker” & “Stripper” Which are located around the cylinder. In this machine, the fibers are opened, parallel and mixed due to the interaction between the cylinder, the worker and the stripper and the exchange between them.

Opening and mixing the fibers in the carding machine was of single fiber type Which is the best and most effective way to open and mix fibers in the spinning industry.

At the end of the carding machine, the “Doffer” coated rollers open and parallel the fibers in the form of A thin sheet of fiber the width of the machine is called a “spider web”.The spider web is guided by a tray to the calender rollers. The tray is shaped so that at the end of the collected spider web becomes a roving.The roving is then fed to the traction unit and then stored by the coiler system inside the ” Quarry bank ” for transfer to the next machines.

Carding is called the “spinning heart”. The importance of carding is so great that if all the factors and conditions of spinning are well controlled and the best raw materials are used, But carding does not perform well, It will be impossible to produce high quality yarn.Therefore, controlling the performance of carding machine motors, filler between rollers, grinding or timely replacement of machine covers, Timely machine repairs and quality control of the carding product have a direct impact on the quality of the final yarn produced(roving) at the end of the spinning line.The roving coming out of the carding machine has a score between 20-30 grams per meter Which is produced at a speed between 150 meters per minute (for old carding machines) up to 250 meters per minute (for modern carding machines) are Produced.The score of Carding roving produced depends on the type and width of the machine as well as the final yarn score. In some carding machines, a roving of 40 g / m is produced to produce relatively thick sleeping yarns

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